The difference between a Galgo and a Podenco

What is the difference between a Galgo and a Podenco? – A Real Life Story written by an unknown Author…

„Besides the obvious, Humans often ask;

What is the difference between a Galgo and a Podenco?

I want to explain it by an example:

A Trip to the Dog Park

We Arrive;

The Galgos are running like crazy.

The Pods welcome every dog, man, tree, blade of grass with endless, constantly changing, body language and facial expressions.

The First Five Minutes after Arrival;

The galgos are running like crazy.

The Pods dig up seventy small animals, they create mounds of undefinable mud, which sticks to everything it touches.

The Next Ten Minutes;

The Galgos are just standing there, looking around.

The Pods are now carrying out a professional fencing inspection including a foundation check.

Twenty-Five Minutes after Arrival;

The Galgos are still standing around and gawking

The Pods have now convinced three of the „Non-Sight Hound Breeds“ (Golden Retriever’s or Aussie’s with the names, Charley, Luna, Henry, Frieda, Abby etc.) that the best thing you can do in life is digging and looking for mice.

(For this I am despised by the contemptuous gazes of the normal-dog owners, luckily equipped with their treats, dummies, whistles, and other stuff… and deathly afraid that the agility skills of their champions might be lost.)

The Next Ten Minutes;

The Galgos run around a little, and put themselves in poses like models and let themselves be petted.

Meanwhile the Pods have created the basis for a small world class gravel pit, two more rare species of mice have been discovered, and their construction sites have been expanded by three more workers. (Non- Sight Hound Breeds, with exasperated owners)

It Begins to Pour Rain;

The Galgos are through with the Dog Park,they stand around looking pitiful with eyes that cry, „take me home, I am a tired, hungry, tortured, neglected Hound.“

The Pods are delighted…Mud is much easier to dig than clay.

Driving Home;

Everyone is happy, someone really stinks.

Two Minutes Later;

A Podenco pukes.

At Home;

Towels for the Galgos,

Showers for the Pods.

Disdainful looks from all… to me.

Later (Human is taking a shower);

The Pods are relaxed and sleeping, the Galgos have broken into the Pantry and are eating everything in sight… The Dog Park was so dull, uneventful and boring today… 😉 „

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